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Ranger sxs 16 gauge

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Posted: December 27, 2012 04:50 PM
Hello, I've got my grandfathers "ranger" shotgun, and from my research, it appears to be a stevens 315. It has a 2 3/8"  x 5/8" tang. The gun has ranger written in script on the left side. Anyone know approx how old this is? I've seen pics of lots of rangers, but all that I've seen have a block type lettering. Any help would be appreciated! (need some parts)
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Posted: December 27, 2012 06:07 PM

The info I have on the Model 315 is that Stevens made it and marketed it under the house brand "RIVERSIDE" The Standard Catalog of Firearms gives no DOM's but does list 2 versions  the 315 Early Model and the 315 Late Model. Both are listed as Boxlock Hammerless guns and have the exact same values listed. New in the box=$1200...Exc=$575...VG=$450...Good=$350 and poor=$200  "RANGER" is a tradename used by Sears on shotguns they marketed.....at one time Sears owned a manufacturing firm Meridan Firearms of Norwich CT where they produced SxS shotguns under several tradenames..including Eastern Arms and Sears marketed the Eastern arms brand under the hardware gun name of Ranger..that was ca 1905 to 1916. In the late Joe Vorisek book titled: A Short Illustrated History of the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company the Model 315 is listed. along with manufacturing numbers and specs including serial number ranges The only mention of a model 315 in 16 ga. carries this data: seriel number H33,231 16 Ga 28" bbls Right frame "MARSHWOOD" Left framePAT. APR.20,1915 Bear in mind that a patent date is not a dom, it only indicates that the feature covered by that patent is part of that product..US Patents are issued for 17 years and renewalble for another 17 years....but the data can still be stamped even after the law enforcing the patent has expired..so, about the only thing that a Pat date gives you for certain as far as a DOM is concerned is that the earliest it could have been made was that date. However, in another chartn in the same book is a section titled  Shotguns marked Ranger there are no 16 ga SxS listed,only 12's As far as making an ID of the Stevens guns, the company changed the format of the markings several times over the years as the Stevens firm  changed its name. They made SxS from 1910 until 1985. They is a list of 40+ tradenames used by Stevens but no DOM's and the author states that the list is incomplete. However in the replican catalog section it list the Model 315Oldf Model(Riverside Arms) as being in production from 1910 to 1939 and that the New Model 315 as a "Higher Grade New Model 311 manufactured 1939 to 1959. The Vorisek book is avaialble from Cornell Publications(www.cornellpubs.com) you can price...   last time I used  it it was a $20 fee..Have the gun and a magnifying glass with you when you access that site as much more info is required...a tape measure and a vernier caliper may also be useful. A note on 16 ga guns...there is the old shell length of 2 9/16" and the NEW length of 2 3/4"...that may help in dating the gun.

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Posted: December 27, 2012 07:02 PM

Wow, Zeke, great info, thank you!