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Remington Sportsman 48 16 Gauge Barrel

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Posted: October 9, 2012 09:48 AM
Does anyone know where I can purchase a 28" barrel for trap/skeet shooting? Thanks
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Posted: October 10, 2012 02:48 PM

I think you mean you want a different barrel to plink at some clay birds. First..Skeet and trap barrels are different9as are the stocks) and your gauge went out a long time ago. Trap is a 12 Ga game and is shot with longer barrels and tight chokes. Skeet, on the other hand,is shot with 12,20,28 gauges and .410 bore with shorter barrels and open chokes(usually overbored barrels and chokes of Skeet I or Skeet II) Take note that your Model 48 only offered a 28" bb in modified choke..OK for skeet style but a handicap in trap. FWIW Tghe Model 48 was the last of the recoil operated Remington shotguns...newer models are gas guns. The info I have indicates that there were 2 bbl lnghts available...the 28" Modified choke and the 30' full choke...suggesting that the barrel you have is a 30" full. I suggest you contact Scott Carlson and inquire about having your existing cut to your specs and fitted with internal choke tubes. The result would be a more "All-Round" gun with the abiliuty to change choke constrictionms at will from full open for running rabbits in brush to long range duck and goose shooting with steel shot...and cost less also....Check Scott Carlson out at 785-626-3700...The last advertised price I saw was your barrel fitted for tubes and 3 tubes with chokes of your choice for less than 100 bucks..FWIW....it may take years to find a 16 Ga 28" bbl in the used market....there are no new ones being made as this model was last made in 1959 You can check further at www.remington.com and link thru SUPPORT to parts dealers for obsolete models.