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Those long hours spent building and restoring the perfect gun should be shown off! Share the projects you’re most proud of by uploading photos to this thread. Click here to read the photo sharin ...
by GunPartsCorp
1 4953 07/05/2021 06:48 AM
 I have a newly acquired Remington 550-1 made in May of 1966 and the Sear Spring Case screw (P#1770210) appears to be homemade- not working correctly.  There is not a lot of metal material f ...
by Flomaster
2 186 08/18/2022 03:47 AM
I had looked up barrel date stamps before, this one confuses me.  +   P D P? Can you help?
by Rex in OTZ
3 313 07/16/2022 09:20 PM
Hello again, i forgot the part no. It is 1540890
by Thomas1104465
0 76 07/15/2022 11:28 PM
Hello, I have a colt defender in .45 acp. Can i fit your defender 9mm barrel in my slide. I know I will also need the 9mm extended ejector. thanks, Tom Maguire
by Thomas1104465
0 45 07/15/2022 11:26 PM
Hi, I am a person living in South Korea. Can I buy a wooden grip for S&W M39 with a file image attached at your store? For reference, in South Korea, the law does not allow the actual gun it ...
by smed70
0 2110 12/05/2021 11:14 AM
2 334 11/24/2021 05:58 AM
You have a 243 barrel listed that says it’s for a Mark V Weatherby.  Barrel, .243 Win, 22", Not Drilled & Tapped for Sights, Blued, Used Factory OrigPRODUCT #: 17252201 X $117.99 = $11 ...
by edott1964
0 2054 09/13/2021 05:36 PM
0 1865 09/03/2021 11:46 AM
Hello, I am new to the forum, just ordered parts to rebuild an old Winchester 1890 I found in a house I purchased the the seller left everything with it ( unwanted inheritance ) of their deceased gran ...
by spinaltap68
1 2613 07/26/2021 04:16 AM