A.J. Aubrey

A  "Trade or Brand Name" of shotguns sold by Sears. These firearms were manufactured by Meriden Firearms Co. Shop today!


The A. J. Aubrey” firearms were a brand or trade name of firearms manufactured by Meriden Firearms Company, and sold by Sears, Roebuck and Company of Chicago, IL.

In order to meet the demand and supply of Sears, the President of Meriden Firearms Company, Fred Biffar, contacted Albert James Aubrey to design a sidelock double barrel shotgun. By mid-1905, they started manufacturing a variety of firearms using A.J. Aubrey’s name and design. Some of these firearms feature Damascus barrels, hammerless double barrels, and engraved receivers or frames.

A.J. Aubrey became the Vice President of Meriden Firearms Company in 1906, and then two years later its President. After Aubrey left in 1909, Meriden Firearms Company continued to produce firearms without Aubrey’s name until the company closed in 1918.

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