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Manufacturers American Arms Shotguns Black Magic Lightweight Hunter

American Arms Shotguns Black Magic Lightweight Hunter

Forend Iron
Product #: 783950A
Part Key: 1
Forend Catch Frame
Product #: 783970A
Part Key: 2
Forend Catch
Product #: 783980A
Part Key: 3
Forend Cocking Lever, Long
Product #: 783990A
Part Key: 4
Ejector Hammer Catch, Right
Product #: 784000A
Part Key: 5
Ejector Hammer Catch, Left
Product #: 784010A
Part Key: 6
Ejector Hammer, 12 Ga., Right
Product #: 784020A
Part Key: 7A
Ejector Hammer, 20 Ga., Right
Product #: 784030A
Part Key: 7A
Ejector Hammer, 12 Ga., Left
Product #: 784040A
Part Key: 8A
Ejector Hammer, 20 Ga., Left
Product #: 784050A
Part Key: 8A
Ejector Hammer Spring (2 Req'd)
Product #: 784080A
Part Key: 11
Forend Catch Lever Pin
Product #: 784090A
Part Key: 12
Forend Iron Washer
Product #: 784110A
Part Key: 14
Ejector Hammer Catch Pin (2 Req'd)
Product #: 784120A
Part Key: 15
Ejector Hammer Pin
Product #: 784130A
Part Key: 16
Shift Hammer Spring Guide (2 Req'd)
Product #: 784140A
Part Key: 17
Forend Iron Screw
Product #: 784150A
Part Key: 18
Ejector Slide Rod, Right
Product #: 784160A
Part Key: 19
Ejector Slide Rod, Left
Product #: 784170A
Part Key: 20
Hammer, Right
Product #: 784180A
Part Key: 21
Hammer, Left
Product #: 784190A
Part Key: 22