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Anschutz 1430ST

Firing Pin Spring Guide, Front
Manufacturer: ANSCHUTZ
Model: 1430D, 1430ST, 1433D, 1434D, 1432ST, 1432D, 1434ST, 1530, 1532, 1534
Product #: 1292780B
Firing Pin Spring Guide, Rear
Manufacturer: ANSCHUTZ
Model: 1432E, 1432ED, 1432EST, 1432EKST, EXEMPLAR 22 HORNET, 1430S, 1433D, 1430ST
Product #: 1284180B
Floorplate Screw Bushing (Square; M4 x Din 56-2 - 04BR)
Manufacturer: ANSCHUTZ
Model: 1430ST, 1432ST, 1433ST, 1434ST, 1530D, 1532D, 1418D, 1418ST, 1518D, 1518ST
Product #: 1283880C