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Manufacturers Antonio Zoli Over and Under Standard

Antonio Zoli Over and Under Standard

Front Sight
Product #: 208560B
Part Key: 2
Washer (2 Req'd)
Product #: 208590A
Part Key: 3
Washer Lock Screw (2 Req'd)
Product #: 208600B
Part Key: 4
Product #: 212280A
Part Key: 5S
Extractor Stop Screw
Product #: 212320A
Part Key: 6S
Ejector Stop Screw
Product #: 208610B
Part Key: 6
Forend Catch Plate
Product #: 208620B
Part Key: 7
Forend Catch Plate Spring
Product #: 208640A
Part Key: 8
Forend Catch Hook
Product #: 208650B
Part Key: 9
Forend Catch Hook Pin
Product #: 208670B
Part Key: 10
Forend, 12 Ga.
Product #: 208680B
Part Key: 11
Forend Iron
Product #: 208730B
Part Key: 12
Cocking Hook
Product #: 212350A
Part Key: 13S
Cocking Hook Screw
Product #: 212370A
Part Key: 14S
Forend Iron Screw
Product #: 208750B
Part Key: 15
Forend Catch Plate Screw
Product #: 208760A
Part Key: 16
Frame Plug (2 Req'd)
Product #: 208770A
Part Key: 18
Cocking Lever
Product #: 212390A
Part Key: 20S
Cocking Lever Spring Pin
Product #: 212420A
Part Key: 22S
Cross Bolt
Product #: 208820A
Part Key: 25