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Established In 1875 by the three partners Charles Daly, August Schoverling, and Joseph Gales. The company formed a reputation for dealing in quality firearms from around the world. Primarily, the firearms were manufactured in Prussia and then later on many of the world’s major manufacturers such as Heym and Sauer of Germany, J&W Tolley of England, Newmann of Belgium, and Lefever of New York made firearms for Charles Daly. Later producers also included Beretta, Miroku of Japan, and Garbi of Spain. 

Throughout the years the ownership had changed, but the brand and quality of Charles Daly firearms remains the same. In 1996, the Charles Daly brand was acquired by K.B.I. Inc., importing semi-auto pistols and a line of over & under, side-by-side, semi-auto, and pump-action shotguns. In 2008, Charles Daly Defense was established producing American made AR-15 type rifles and carbines. Two years after, on Jan. 29, 2010, K.B.I. declared they were formally closing their doors and discontinued importation of all models.

In 2012 Charles Daly and CD Defense announced their return in the firearms market, continuing to offer a line of high-quality firearms.