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0Parts Layout w/ List
103Buttplate Screw (2 Req'd)
104Swivel Assembly
110AFront Sight
112Magazine Follower
113Magazine Tube
114Nylon Ring
115Magazine Cap Retaining Pin
116Magazine Cap Retaining Pin Spring
117Recoil Spring
118Friction Ring
119Governor Ring
120Friction Spring
122Carrier Latch
123Auxiliary Shell Latch
124Carrier Latch Spring
126Detent Spring
129Magazine Shell Latch
131Trigger Guard Pin
132Carrier Latch Button
133Action Spring Tube
134Action Spring Tube Retainer
135Stock Fastening Eccentric Washer
137Stock Retaining Screw, New Factory Original (1.580 OAL, M7 x 1.0 Thread)
140Magazine Cap w/ Swivel
142Magazine Cap
147Trigger Lever Spring Ball
149Trigger Lever Spring
150Breech Block
153Extractor Plunger
155Locking Block Lever Pin
156Locking Block Lever Spring
158Firing Pin Stop Pin
159Firing Pin
160Firing Pin Spring
161Locking Block Lever
163Extractor Spring
165Link Pin
166Locking Block
167Operating Handle
168Trigger Guard, Standard Model
169Hand & Auto Safety Retaining Pin
170Hand Safety
171Hand Safety Spring Follower
172Hand Safety Spring
173Action Spring Follower
174Action Spring
176Trigger Pin
177Trigger Lever
178Trigger Lever Pin
179Trigger Lever Retaining Pin
181Hammer Spring Follower
182Hammer Spring
183Hammer Spring Tube
184Hammer Pin
186Sear Spring
187Sear, Standard Model
188Sear Pin
189Carrier Dog Pin
192Carrier Dog Spring
194Trigger Guard & Carrier Pin Bushing
195Trigger Guard Pin Detent Spring
196Carrier Spring Stem Pivot Point
197Carrier Spring
198Carrier Spring Stem
199Carrier Spring Detent
200Safety Spring Plunger
201Safety Spring
202Safety Spring Guide
204Safety Pin
205Magazine Spring
211Magazine Spring Retaining Ring
212Magazine Tube Blocking Spring
216Magazine Shell & Auxiliary Shell Latch Spring
220Nylon Ring Spring
221Carrier Plate, Left
300Trigger Guard, Late Model
300Trigger Guard
301Trigger, Late Model
302Trigger Lever, Late Model
303Sear, Late Model
304Safety, Late Model
305Hammer, Late Model
306Hand Safety, Late Model
308Trigger Stop Screw, Late Model
309Trigger Lever Pin, Late Model
310Trigger & Sear Pin, Late Model
310ASear Retaining Pin, Late Model
311Carrier Spring Follower, Late Model
312Trigger Spring, Late Model
313Carrier Spring, Late Model
314Carrier Dog Pin, Late Model
315Carrier Dog, Late Model
316Safety Spring, Late Model
317Carrier, Late Model

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