103.223 Single Trigger

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Showing 1-12 of 50 Items

103.223 Single Trigger

Parts List

NINot Illustrated
4Buttplate Screw
6Stock Lock Washer
7Stock Screw
8Stock Bolt Washer
10Cocking Cam
11Cocking Lever
12Cocking Lever Pin
13Cocking Lever Spring
14Cocking Rod
15Cocking Rod Retainer Screw
17Extractor Lever
18Extractor Lever Pin
19Extractor Retainer Screw
20Firing Pin, Bottom
21Firing Pin, Top
22Firing Pin Spring
25Forend Screw
26Forend Iron (Early Model)
26AForend Iron, 12 Ga., Stripped (2nd Variation)
26BForend Iron Assembly (Snap-On Type)
27Forend Iron Spring
28Forend Iron Spring Rivet
30Locking Bolt
32Safety Button Blade Rivet Pin
33Safety Button Rod
36Safety Lever
37Safety Lever Pin
45Top Lever
46Top Lever Link
47Top Lever Link Pin
48Top Lever Retainer Screw
49Top Lever Spring
52Trigger Guard
53Trigger Guard Pin
54Trigger Guard Screw