Point Right

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Showing 1-12 of 50 Items

Point Right

Parts List

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1Action Bar, Right
2Action Bar, Left
4Action Bar Retaining Ring
5Action Lock
6Action Lock Spring
7Action Lock Pin
9Actuator Pin
10Action Bar Adjustment Washer
14Bolt Assembly
15Bolt Cartridge Stop
16Bolt Cartridge Stop Spring
17Bolt Cartridge Stop Pin
18AButtplate Trim
19Buttplate Screw
20Cartridge Lifter
21Cartridge Lifter Assembly
22Cartridge Stop
23Cartridge Stop Retaining Pin
24Cartridge Lifter Spring
25Cartridge Lifter Screw
26Choke Cap
27Choke Click Spring
28Exjector, 20, 28 & .410 Ga.
30Exjector Retaining Pin
32Extractor Hinge Pin
33Extractor Spring
35Firing Pin Retaining Pin
37Forehand Operating Handle
38Forehand Retaining Nut
39Forehand Operating Tube
40Front Sight
40ARear Bead Sight
42Hammer Pin
43Hammer Plunger
44Hammer Spring
45Locking Pin Assembly
46Magazine Follower
47Magazine Spring
48Magazine Tube
49Magazine Tube Cap
50Magazine Tube Cap Retaining Screw Lock Washer
51Magazine Tube Cap Retaining Screw 20 28 & .410 Ga.
52Safety Button
56Sear Pin
57Sear Spring
58Sear Bar
59Sear Bar Pin
65Trigger Pin
66Trigger Guard
67Trigger Guard Assembly
68Trigger Guard Retaining Pin
69Trigger Guard Pin, Rear
70Trigger Guard Pin Screw
71Trigger Spring & Sear Bar Spring
72Wood Plug
73Pistol Grip Cap Brown
74Pistol Grip Cap Screw