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Manufacturers JP Sauer Large Frame

JP Sauer Large Frame

Hand Complete
Product #: 79330H
Part Key: 3
Gate, Centerfire
Product #: 79350H
Part Key: 4
Ejector Tube
Product #: 79360H
Part Key: 5
Ejector Rod & Head, Centerfire
Product #: 79370H
Part Key: 6


This product is no longer available, however 178890 can be used as a replacement part.
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Front Sight
Product #: 79390H
Part Key: 7
Base Pin
Product #: 79770H
Part Key: 11
Product #: 79790H
Part Key: 13
Gate Spring
Product #: 79810H
Part Key: 14
Trigger Guard Screw, Front
Product #: 79910H
Part Key: 18
Ejector Tube Screw
Product #: 79950H
Part Key: 20