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Sears Rifles 103.4

Ejector (Pin Type)
Product #: 363920B
Part Key: A1-11
Product #: 364110B
Part Key: A1-12
Firing Pin
Product #: 364510B
Part Key: A1-15
Product #: 364580B
Part Key: A1-20
Hammer Spring
Product #: 364590B
Part Key: A1-21
Magazine, .22 Cal., 7 Round, Replacement
Product #: 364630B
CT buyers must be FFL holders. Cannot be shipped to NYC.
Part Key: A1-26
Recoil Spring
Product #: 364740B
Part Key: A1-41
Safety, Style 1
Product #: 364750B
Part Key: A1-42
Safety Spring, Style 1
Product #: 364780B
Part Key: A1-45
Safety Screw, Style 1
Product #: 364810B
Part Key: A1-48
Product #: 364830B
Part Key: A1-50
Sear Pin
Product #: 364840B
Part Key: A1-51
Sear Spring
Product #: 364850B
Part Key: A1-52
Sear Stud
Product #: 364870B
Part Key: A1-53
Sear Trip
Product #: 364880B
Part Key: A1-54
Sear Trip Plunger
Product #: 364890C
Part Key: A1-55
Sear Trip Rivet
Product #: 364910B
Part Key: A1-57