Parts List

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Parts List

Parts List

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0Schematic w/ Parts List
1Rear Sight Elevation Pinion
2Windage Knob
4Rear Sight Cover
5Rear Sight Base
6Front Sight Screw
7Front Sight
8Flash Suppressor Set Screw
9Flash Suppressor Nut
10Flashhider / Flash Suppressor
11Gas Cylinder Plug
12Gas Piston
13Gas Cylinder Lock
14Gas Cylinder
15Gas Cylinder Pin
16Gas Cylinder Valve Spindle
17Gas Cylinder Valve Spring
18Front Band
19Operating Rod Guide Spring Pin
20Operating Rod Guide
21Bolt Lock Pin
22Bolt Lock
23Bolt Lock Spring
24Connector Lock Pin
25Connector Lock
27Clip Guide Pin
28Cartridge Clip Guide
31Firing Pin
34Extractor Plunger & Spring
35Ejector / Ejector Spring
36Bolt Roller
37Bolt Roller Retainer
39Hammer Spring Housing
40Hammer Spring
41Hammer Plunger
44Safety Spring
45Trigger Housing
46Trigger Pin
47Magazine Latch Pin
48Magazine Latch Spring
49Magazine Latch
50Trigger Guard
51Trigger Guard Pin
52 / 56Connector Rod
54Connector Spring
55Connector Plunger
57Operating Rod
58Operating Rod Spring
59Operating Rod Spring Guide
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