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Manufacturers Weatherby MK XXII Tube Magazine

Weatherby MK XXII Tube Magazine

Trigger Guard Screw, Front
Product #: 1114000B
Part Key: 1
Trigger Guard Screw, Rear
Product #: 1114010B
Part Key: 2
Sling Swivel Assembly, Rear
Product #: 204520B
Part Key: 7
Sling Swivel Assembly, Front
Product #: 204800B
Part Key: 8
Takedown Pin
Product #: 204530B
Part Key: 10
Locating Pin
Product #: 1114020B
Part Key: 13
Barrel Pin
Product #: 1114030B
Part Key: 14
Front Sight
Product #: 204560B
Part Key: 16
Front Sight Ramp Screw
Product #: 204570B
Part Key: 17
Front Sight Ramp
Product #: 204580B
Part Key: 18
Rear Sight
Product #: 1114050B
Part Key: 19
Product #: 322450B
Part Key: 21
Firing Pin Retaining Pin
Product #: 1114060B
Part Key: 25
Firing Pin
Product #: 204660B
Part Key: 26
Bolt, Stripped
Product #: 1114070B
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: 28
Hammer, Sear & Trigger Pin (Solid)
Product #: 1114080B
Part Key: 31