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Manufacturers U.S. Military Rifles M1 Garand Accessories M84 Sniper Scope (M1D; 7/8" Diameter)
M84 Sniper Scope (M1D; 7/8

M1D Garand M84 Sniper Scope

Mil-Spec reproduction of the original WWII M84 2.2 power scope. Manufactured using original drawings and high-tech optics machinery, including state-of-the-art single-point diamond turning equipment. Includes a rubber eyepiece, identification plate and hermetically sealed packaging. Scope comes with a factory setting of zero/300 yards with a field-of-view of 27 feet at 100 yards. Note: Rubber eye-piece can easily be removed and re-positioned.

M84 Sniper Scope (M1D; 7/8" Diameter)
Manufacturer: U.S. MILITARY
Model: M1 GARAND
Product #: 1049470
Shipment prohibited outside USA.

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