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Category Frames & Receivers Display Guns Khyber Pass Lee-Enfield No.1 MK 1 Display Rifle
Khyber Pass Lee-Enfield No.1 MK 1 Display Rifle

Khyber Pass Lee-Enfield No. 1 MK I Display Rifles

The Khyber Pass is a 33 mile route through the Hindu Kush mountains connecting the northern frontier of Pakistan with Afghanistan. For over 100 years this part of the world has been the center of indigenous arms manufacture. The local tribal gunsmiths of this region manufactured copies of many firearms such as British Martini Henry and Lee-Enfield rifles, which are the most commonly encountered. These weapons were hand-made using a variety of raw materials and scrap metals and were often stamped with original markings and cartouches. They were issued to irregular forces so they would not steal the higher quality British or Indian rifles and desert their regiment. Typically, these rifles were of inferior quality and potentially dangerous to shoot. For this reason we have de-milled them according to ATF specifications including a section of the receiver removed, a welded, non-functioning bolt and a torched hole through the barrel chamber. No FFL required. The history of this region gives these rifles a bit of mystique and collector value. Note: Do not attempt to alter or fire this rifle. Use for display or reenactment purposes only. Also, the rifle you receive may differ slightly cosmetically than the one pictured.