Manufacturers Pietta Black Powder Revolvers 1858 Remington Cartridge Konverter, .22 Rimfire, Kirst
Cartridge Konverter, .22 Rimfire, Kirst

Remington 1858 .22 Rimfire Kirst Konverter

This is the newest addition to the Kirst Cartridge Konverter line. If you own a Pietta brand Remington 1858 cap and ball revolver in .44 or .45 caliber, you can now fire inexpensive .22 LR ammunition. Simply replace your black powder cylinder with the Kirst Konverter cylinder and start plinking. Easy installation with no gunsmithing required. This is not a permanent conversion. The Kirst Konverter allows you to easily switch from black powder to 22LR and back to black powder. The .22 Konverter is manufactured in the U.S.A. from heat-treated 4140 steel. It features a non-rotating plate, which operates with the use of a spring-loaded firing pin. The cylinder can be safely installed on both brass or steel frame models. Complete instructions are included. This .22 Konverter will not function in Uberti brand Remington 1858 revolvers. Note: As per ATF guidelines, black powder handguns are not considered a firearm. Installation of the Kirst Cartridge Konverter will result in re-classification as a firearm. Check your state and local laws regarding handgun registration. No FFL required.

Cartridge Konverter, .22 Rimfire, Kirst
Manufacturer: PIETTA
Model: 1858 REMINGTON
Product #: 1288230

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