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Grenade, Inert, RPG-7

RPG-7 Inert Grenade

This is a fully-inert RPG-7 training grenade made for the Russian military. The grenade is identical to the real thing with the exception of the inert warhead and dummy booster. It features a tubular steel base, hard rubber warhead and original Russian markings. These are the actual devices used by Russian troops during training operations. Overall length is 36" and they weigh just over 5 lbs. These are new old stock and show no signs of ever being used. We are offering the grenades individually or in the original crate of six each. A crate of six grenades weighs 85 lbs. Actual shipping charges will be applied.

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Manufacturer: RPG
Model: RPG-7
Product #: 1365810
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Crate of 6
Manufacturer: RPG
Model: RPG-7
Product #: 1436130
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