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Category Military Surplus Miscellaneous Military Supplies Barrel Carrier, Original, Post WWII, Used
Barrel Carrier, Original, Post WWII, Used

MG-42 Spare Barrel Carrier

This is an original Post WWII spare barrel carrier for the MG-3, MG-42 and Yugo 53 machine guns. The steel barrel carrier is painted green and includes a clasp lever closure. It measures 23-1/4" long and weighs 2.25 lbs. minus packing materials. Dates and markings vary and we cannot sort specific types. Swivel loops and sling are not included. The barrel carrier is in used, good condition with worn or flaking paint.
Note: In some cases the barrel carrier may contain a few small dents or spots of surface rust.

Barrel Carrier, Original, Post WWII, Used
Manufacturer: MG-42/MG-1/MG-3/YUGO M53
Model: MG-42/MG-1/MG-3/YUGO M53
Product #: 1409440A
Shipment prohibited outside USA.

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