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Handguard Set, M4

M4 / CAR Handguard Sets

Thermal resistant sets are manufactured in the U.S.A. to original military specifications. Made from 33% fiber-filled Nylon 66 material for maximum hardness and durability. Choose from M4 style "Fat" handguard or CAR style "Skinny" hanguard.

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M4 "Fat" Handguard Set (w/ Double Heat Shield)
Manufacturer: AR15
Model: AR15, M16
Product #: 880970
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M4 "Fat" Handguard Set (w/ Single Heat Shield)
Manufacturer: AR15/M16
Model: M4 CARBINE, AR15, M16
Product #: 983930
CAR "Skinny" Handguard Set
Manufacturer: AR
Model: M4 CARBINE, AR15, M16
Product #: 880980