Dealer Discount

Our Dealer Discount Program automatically gives you 10% off most of our items.
To enroll in the Dealer Discount Program, you must be one of the following:

  • FFL Holder
  • C&R FFL Holder
  • A business owner in the gun industry who can provide a copy of either your tax ID number or resale certificate

Please note the dealer discount is not available for our international customers.

To apply for the Dealer Discount Program, create an online account with us, then email or fax your documentation to Toll Free (877) 486-7278, Attn: Dealer Discount Program. Please make sure to include the email address used on your online account. Once we have received the proper documentation, we will notify you when your profile has been changed to a Dealer's Status. The dealer discount is automatically applied to all phone, mail, and fax orders.

Please note that there are a select number of items in our inventory that are excluded from this offer.

For internet orders, you must login to your online account because your unique dealer identification number is linked to your email address in our system. Please make sure that you see the white star with the text "Dealer" next to it in in the top right of the site header navigation.

If you are logging in for the first time, please use your email address that you left in our system and your customer ID number as your password.

Please be aware that the prices shown on the website and your invoice are the discounted prices.