Smith & Wesson Correct Parts Schematic

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Posted: June 1, 2024 02:24 AM

I have an old Smith and Wesson 32 long cartridge serial number 70801 double action Hand ejector revolver probably 1905 to 1906 manufacture year and probably a medium K frame with a round butt grip, one and a quarter inch long cylinder and 6 inch barrel.  I see the different K frame schematics but I am not sure which one goes with this gun. Please let me know which schematic to order from. Thanks in advance. Attached is a photo of the gun.

I have an old Smith and Wesson revolver and need to order a full parts set but I am not sure which schematic to use. It appears to be a medium K frame and all of the other information is on the attached photograph.  32 long Ctg and serial no 70801.  Appears to be 1905-1906 double-action hand ejector with a round but grip, 1 1/4” cyl and 6” barrel.

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