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Showing 1-12 of 48 Items


Parts List

NINot Illustrated
0Schematic w/ Parts List
1Recoil Spring Tube Assembly
2Recoil Spring Tube
3Recoil Spring Plug
4Recoil Spring
5Recoil Spring Plunger Pin
6Recoil Spring Plunger Retaining Ring
7Axle Bushing - Trigger Guard Retaining Pin Retaining Pin
8Cylinder Plunger / Pin Screw
9Cylinder Plunger / Pin Screw Washer
10Bolt Follower Pin
11Shoulder Plate Pin
12Cylinder Plunger Pin E Clip
14Piston Guide Ring
15Piston Guide Spacer
17Gas Piston Assembly
18Piston Cylinder Plunger Pin
19Cylinder Plunger Pin O-Ring
21Carrier Latch Pin
22Valve Spring
23Barrel Lock Follower Assembly
25Magazine Body
26Magazine Base Screw
27Magazine Base Set Screw
29Magazine Base
30Magazine Boss Pin
32Magazine Boss Insert
33Magazine Boss
35Hammer Spring Cap
36Hammer Spring
37Disconnector Sleeve
38Disconnector Stop Pin
40Trigger / Disconnector Spring
41Hammer Link
42Hammer, Complete
43Hammer Disconnector
45Trigger Guard Assembly
46Trigger Pin Bushing
48Safety Plunger Spring Pin
49Safety Plunger Spring
50Magazine Coupling Lever
51Magazine Coupling Lever Spring
52Trigger Guard
53Safety Button
54No-Load Indicator Lever
57Picatinny Scope Base Black Anodized Aluminum
58Telescope Carrier Screw
60Barrel Plugging Screw
61Gas Cylinder Screw
62Insert Carbon Fiber Rib Fixing, Argo Rifle
63Carbon Fiber Rib, Argo Rifle
64Carbon Fiber Rib Set Screw
65Barrel & Bolt Assembly
66Rear Sight Assembly Black
67 & 86Extractor Pin
68Retaining Spring Rear Sight Plug
69Rear Sight Base
70Rear Sight Assembly
71Front Sight Assembly
72Front Sight Base
73Front Sight
74Front Sight Set Screw
75Front Sight Hood
78Firing Pin
79Firing Pin Spring
80Locking Head
81Locking Head Assembly Pin
82Partial Bolt Assembly
83Bolt Assembly
84Link Pin
85Bolt Handle
87Extractor Spring
88Retaining Cap Ball
90Ejector Spring
93Locking Head Assembly
94Buttplate Screw
95Gel Pad
96Stock Retaining Nut
97Stock Retaining Nut Screw
98Drop Lock Plate
99Stock Spacer
100 & 105Forend & Stock Assembly
101Rear Swivel Base Screw
102Shim Deviation Spacer
103Drop Shim
104Forend Centering Pin
106Forend Grub Screw
107Forend Washer
108Forend Nut