Silver Lite

Silver Lite

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304Forend Iron
305Escutcheon Screw
307Forend Catch Screw, Rear
308Deley Catch Frame
309Forend Catch Screw, Front
311Deley Catch Spring
312Deley Catch
313Catch Frame Assembly
314Catch Retaining Pin
315Recoil Pad
316Recoil Pad Screw
317Recoil Pad Plug
319Front Sight Bead
322Ejector Spring
323Ejector Plunger
324Ejector, Top
325Ejector, Bottom
326Ejector Trip, Bottom
327Ejector Trip, Top
328Ejector Trip Spring
329Ejector Trip Plunger
331Top Lever
333Top Lever Trip Retaining Pin
334Top Lever Trip
335Cocking Rod Retaining Pin
336Locking Bolt
337Top Lever Retaining Rod
339Safety Pin
340Safety Spring
341Safety Spring Retaining Screw
342Top Lever Spring
343Top Lever Guide
344Firing Pin Spring
345Firing Pin
346Firing Pin Retaining Pin
347Cocking Cam
348Cocking Cam Retaining Spring, Right
349Cocking Cam Retaining Spring, Left
350Cocking Cam Retaining Pin
351Sear Spring
353Sear Retaining Pin
354Firing Pin Lifter
355LHammer, Left
355RHammer, Right
356Hammer Retaining Spring
357Cocking Rod, Right
358Cocking Rod, Left
361Inertia Block Spring
362Inertia Block Plunger
363Inertia Block Retaining Pin
364Trigger Return Spring
365Trigger Retaining Pin
366Mainspring Guide
368Cover Plate
369Cover Plate Retaining Pin
370Trigger Guard
371Trigger Guard Retaining Pin
372Stock Bolt Washer
373Stock Bolt
375Auto Safety Rod
376Selector Trigger
377Selector Trigger Safety Button
378Selector Spring
379Selector Spring Plunger
381Selector Retaining Pin
382Selective Inertia Block
383Selective Barrel Sear, Top
384Selective Barrel Sear, Bottom
385Firing Pin Bushing
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