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Marlin/Glenfield Rifles 38

Magazine Plug, Inner
Product #: 375160B
Part Key: M32-63
Magazine Plug, Outer
Product #: 375320B
Part Key: M32-64
Magazine Latch Pin
Product #: 375350C
Part Key: M32-61
Magazine Tube Screw
Product #: 375460B
Part Key: M32-68
Action Slide
Product #: 443580
Part Key: M32-1
Breech Bolt, Stripped - Finished
Product #: 443750
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: M32-8
Breech Bolt Retaining Plunger Spring
Product #: 451150
Part Key: M32-16
Product #: 451420
Part Key: M32-20
Carrier Plunger Pin, Lower
Product #: 451630
Part Key: M32-23
Carrier Plunger Spring
Product #: 451760
Part Key: M32-25
Cartridge Cut-Off
Product #: 451840
Part Key: M32-26
Ejector Lever
Product #: 452090
Part Key: M32-32
Ejector Lever Screw
Product #: 452120
Part Key: M32-33
Extractor, Right
Product #: 452330
Part Key: M32-37