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Marlin/Glenfield Rifles 982S

Barrel Retaining Pin
Product #: 402760U
Part Key: 2
Breech Bolt Assembly Pin
Product #: 435960E
Part Key: 3
Breech Bolt, Front
Product #: 432890D
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: 4
Breech Bolt, Rear
Product #: 398140D
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: 5
Product #: 402890Q
Part Key: 13
Extractor, New Factory Original
Product #: 398240D
Part Key: 14


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Magazine, .22 Mag, 7 Round, Stainless, New (Factory)
Product #: 725350D
CT buyers must be FFL holders. Cannot be shipped to NYC.
Part Key: 23
Product #: 435350D
Part Key: 47
Striker Cam Bushing
Product #: 437090D
Part Key: 49