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Marlin/Glenfield Shotguns 31

Hammer Spring Rod
Product #: 367040B
Part Key: M28-40
Barrel Lock Nut Screw
Product #: 392980A
Part Key: M29-3
Front Sight
Product #: 416690B
Part Key: M28-70
Firing Pin, Front
Product #: 418030
Part Key: M28-24
Firing Pin, Rear
Product #: 418070
Part Key: M28-27
Guard Plate
Product #: 418290
Part Key: M28-35
Safety Push Pin Screw
Product #: 498860
Part Key: M28-64
Safety Push Pin Spring
Product #: 498920
Part Key: M28-66
Safety Latch (w/ Spring)
Product #: 498720
Part Key: M28-59
Safety Latch Pivot Pin
Product #: 498740
Part Key: M28-60
Safety Slide
Product #: 499400
Part Key: M28-87
Safety Latch
Product #: 499420
Part Key: M28-89
Safety Recoil Block
Product #: 499470
Part Key: M28-93
Safety Latch Spring, Spiral
Product #: 499440
Part Key: M28-91