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Mossberg Rifles 321K

Windage Screw Retaining Ring
Product #: 41380C
Part Key: S4
Windage Clip
Product #: 41390B
Part Key: S5
Elevation Spring
Product #: 41410B
Part Key: S7
Receiver Sight Base
Product #: 41420A
Part Key: S9
Base Screw
Product #: 41430A
Part Key: S10
Indicator Plate Screw
Product #: 41460A
Part Key: S12
Click Spring
Product #: 41490A
Part Key: S15
Windage & Elevation Bracket
Product #: 41530A
Part Key: S17
Product #: 41550A
Part Key: S18
Sight Base, Replacement
Product #: 41600A
Part Key: S21
Ramp Base
Product #: 41610A
Part Key: S22
Peep Disc
Product #: 533210B
Part Key: S1
Buttplate Screw, Original (2 Req'd)
Product #: 1011360J
Part Key: 1


This product is no longer available, however 148770HX can be used as a replacement part.
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Product #: 42380A
Part Key: 2