Mossberg Rifles 342K

Mossberg Rifles 342K gun schematic
Product #: 259320N
Part Key: R132
Takedown Screw
Product #: 276190O
Part Key: R503
Receiver Cap Spring
Product #: 38230C
Part Key:


This item is out of stock.
This product is no longer available, however 89430 can be used as a replacement part.
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Product #: 40510A
Part Key: 45
Product #: 40500M
Part Key: 1172
Bolt Collar
Product #: 38260A
Part Key: 1189
Bolt Plate
Product #: 38270A
Part Key: 1190
Product #: 40640Q
Part Key: 1194
Hammer Spring
Product #: 40600T
Part Key: 1195
Hammer Plunger
Product #: 40620Q
Part Key: 1196
Product #: 40120N
Part Key: 1208
Safety Pin
Product #: 38930M
Part Key: 1209