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Mossberg Shotguns 190KB

Angle Bar Screw
Product #: 263530J
Part Key: R110
Trigger Pin
Product #: 37400P
Part Key: R267
Safety Screw
Product #: 37420P
Part Key: R406
Trigger Spring
Product #: 37460M
Part Key: R563
Magazine, 16 Ga., 2 Round, 2-3/4'', Original, Used - Fair Condition
Product #: 1114640C
CT buyers must be FFL holder. Please contact Customer Service.
Part Key: R659
Ejector Screw
Product #: 52070N
Part Key: R327
Takedown Screw
Product #: 52820P
Part Key: R351
Product #: 736070G
Part Key: R326
Product #: 736570I
Part Key: R527
Safety Lever
Product #: 736600J
Part Key: R533
Angle Bar
Product #: 736630D
Part Key: R548
Magazine Latch
Product #: 736640D
Part Key: R554
Bolt Head
Product #: 736810C
Part Key: R656
Striker / Firing Pin
Product #: 736840D
Part Key: R666
Bolt, Stripped
Product #: 736900C
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: R696
Product #: 737590D
Part Key: R662