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Mossberg Shotguns 83D

Trigger Spring
Product #: 142720M
Part Key: R355
Trigger Pin
Product #: 259460Q
Part Key: R148
Magazine Screw
Product #: 263530C
Part Key: R110
Spanner Wrench
Product #: 37380K
Part Key: R192


This product is no longer available, however 1089280G can be used as a replacement part.
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Takedown Screw
Product #: 52820O
Part Key: R351
Bolt Head
Product #: 736160A
Part Key: R362
Cocking Knob
Product #: 736170A
Part Key: R365
Product #: 736200A
Part Key: R369
Extractor Spring
Product #: 736210A
Part Key: R370
Product #: 736220A
Part Key: R373
Striker Complete
Product #: 736270A
Part Key: R388
Product #: 736300A
Part Key: R425
Bolt Complete
Product #: 737960A
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: R360
Magazine Shell
Product #: 743540A
Part Key: R375
Magazine Bottom Plate
Product #: 743550A
Part Key: R377
Mainspring Collar
Product #: 743560A
Part Key: R383
Product #: 743820
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: R360
Barrel, .410 Ga.
Product #: 799210
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: R358


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Striker Pin
Product #: 804170G
Part Key: R390
Takedown Screw
Product #: 736100A
Part Key: R350
Product #: 736140A
Part Key: R354
Product #: 736250F
Part Key: R382