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Savage/Stevens/Springfield/Fox Rifles 110 Series 110FNS

Safety Assembly
Product #: 1348720H
Part Key: 1
Product #: 1348750L
Part Key: 1D
Safety Detent Spring
Product #: 138540P
Part Key: 1B
Trigger Pin
Product #: 1513910L
Part Key: 2C
Safety Retaining Ring
Product #: 1348760L
Part Key: 2A
Trigger Assembly
Product #: 1353810F
Part Key: 3
Sear (One Piece)
Product #: 139590I
Part Key: 4C
Sear Pin
Product #: 1348790L
Part Key: 4A
Sear Spring
Product #: 1348800L
Part Key: 4B
Magazine Box, .300 Win Mag
Product #: 1352510D
Part Key: 5
Magazine Box, .300 RUM, 7mmRUM
Product #: 1354310E
Part Key: 5
Firing Pin Assembly, Magnum
Product #: 1353580E
Part Key: 11