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Savage/Stevens/Springfield/Fox Rifles 6 Rifle Series 6M

Recoil Plug Assembly
Product #: 103600A
Part Key: 2
Hammer, Style 1
Product #: 103680B
Part Key: 6
Product #: 989800A
Part Key: 6
Firing Pin
Product #: 1072630B
Part Key: 10
Breech Bolt, Full Round, Used Factory Original
Product #: 110040A
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: 11
Breech Bolt - For Band Type Extractor w/Lightning Cuts on Left Side
Product #: 1465340A
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: 11A
Bumper Spring
Product #: 103800A
Part Key: 18
Bumper, Original, 1-1/2"
Product #: 834950A
Part Key: 19