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Savage/Stevens/Springfield/Fox Rifle/Shotgun Combinations 242 Series C

Selector Plunger
Product #: 114570F
Part Key: 3
Selector, Original
Product #: 114580B
Part Key: 4


This product is no longer available, however 1136390B can be used as a replacement part.
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Selector Pin
Product #: 114590E
Part Key: 5
Firing Pin, Bottom
Product #: 111590D
Part Key: 8
Firing Pin Retaining Plate
Product #: 990580B
Part Key: 10
Product #: 1040830B
Part Key: 11
Extractor Spring
Product #: 112170D
Part Key: 13
Front Sight
Product #: 122410H
Part Key: 15
Top Snap
Product #: 135500R
Part Key: 16