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Manufacturers Star Starfire

Star Starfire

Slide, Blued
Product #: 1356560
Part Key: 1
Slide, Chrome
Product #: 1356600
Part Key: 1
Barrel (w/ Link & Pin)
Product #: 446630D
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: 2
Barrel (w/o Locking Lug)
Product #: 446650D
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: 2B
Barrel Link
Product #: 915790B
Part Key: 2C
Recoil Spring Assembly, Early
Product #: 446670D
Part Key: 3A
Recoil Spring Guide
Product #: 446680D
Part Key: 4
Recoil Spring Guide Head, Early
Product #: 446770D
Part Key: 6
Firing Pin Retaining Pin
Product #: 549560D
Part Key: 9
Firing Pin Spring
Product #: 446810D
Part Key: 10
Extractor Pin
Product #: 447060D
Part Key: 12
Extractor Spring
Product #: 447070D
Part Key: 13