Orion Over/Under (Made in Japan)

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Showing 1-12 of 20 Items

Orion Over/Under (Made in Japan)

Parts List

NINot Illustrated
4Cocking Lever Screw
5Cocking Lever Spring Plunger
6Cocking Lever Spring
7Cocking Lever, Left
8Cocking Lever, Right
9Cocking Piece Pin
10Cocking Piece Retractor Spring
11Cocking Piece, Left
12Cocking Piece, Right
13Cocking Rod
14Connector Guide Plate Pin
15Connector Guide Plate
16Connector Pin Snap Ring
17Connector Pin Washer
18Connector Pin
19Connector Spring Plunger
20Connector Spring
22Ejector / Extractor, Left
23Ejector / Extractor, Right
24Ejector Spring Guide
25Ejector Spring
26Firing Pin Retainer
27Firing Pin Retractor Spring
28Firing Pin, Long, Top
29Firing Pin, Short, Bottom
31Forend Lever Spring Retaining Screw
32Forend Lever Spring
33Forend Lever
34Forend Nut
36Forend Iron Assembly
39Hammer Pin
40Hammer Spring Retainer & Sear Pin
42Hammer Spring
44Hammer, Left
45Hammer, Right
46Locking Piece Retainer Spring
47Locking Piece Retainer
49Locking Piece
57Receiver Shank
58Receiver Tang Screw
60Safety Button Pin
62Safety Button Spring
63Safety Button
64Sear Spring Retainer Screw
65Sear Spring
67Sear, Left
68Sear, Right
69Selector Button
70Selector Spring Plunger
71Selector Spring Screw
72Selector Spring
73Stock Bolt Nut
74Stock Bolt Spring Washer
75Stock Bolt Washer
76Stock Bolt
78Top Lever Shaft Screw
79Top Lever Shaft
81Top Lever Spring
82Top Lever
85Trigger Guard Screw
86Trigger Guard
87Trigger Lock
88Trigger Pin
90Trigger Plate Screw
91Trigger Plate
92Trigger Spring Retaining Screw
93Trigger Spring