Regency Over/Under

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Showing 1-12 of 22 Items

Regency Over/Under

Parts List

NINot Illustrated
5Ejector, Bottom, Right
25Firing Pin
26Firing Pin Spring
34LCocking Rod, Left
34RCocking Rod, Right
36Forend Iron Assembly
56Sideplate, Right
57Sideplate, Left
58Sideplate Screw
60Sideplate Bolt
61Trigger Plate
63Cocking Cam Pin
64Hammer, Left
65Hammer, Right
66Hammer Pin
67Sear, Right
70Sear, Left
71Sear Spring
72Sear Spring Screw
73Sear Pin
74Trigger Guard
76Mainspring Pilot, Left
78Mainspring Pilot, Right
80Trigger Assembly
88Inertia Block