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Anti-Tank Mine, TM-62PZ, Plastic

Bulgarian Anti-Tank Mine, Inert


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Set Of Four TM-62M Mines w/ Metal Body
Product #: 1432200
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TM-62M Mine w/ Metal Body
Product #: 1432210
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Set Of Four TM-62M Mines w/ Plastic Body
Product #: 1432220
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TM-62 Series Anti-Tank Mine Fuze
Product #: 1986380
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This military issue Inert Anti-Tank Mine was designed for practice or training aides to simulate a real one. The mine measures 12-1/2" diameter. Manufactured by VMZ Co., Bulgaria. Fuze assembly available separately.

A TM-62PZ inert anti-tank mine with plastic body. It weighs 17.5 lb.

TM-62PZ Mine w/ Plastic Body

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