Browning Auto Pistols Buckmark

Browse Numrich's offering of Browning Buckmark parts today and find what you need to complete your latest restoration or repair. We have a wide selection of Browning Buckmark parts and the schematic to help along the way.

Browning Auto Pistols Buckmark gun schematic
Barrel Mounting Screw, Nickel
Product #: 535590B
Part Key: 1
Barrel Assembly, .22 Cal., 5-1/2", Blued, New Factory Original
Product #: 535580B
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: 2


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Barrel, .22 Cal., Bull, Stainless
Product #: 1425270
Shipment prohibited outside USA.
Part Key: 2
Firing Pin
Product #: 536240B
Part Key: 12
Firing Pin (00)
Product #: 868520B
Part Key: 13
Firing Pin Retainer
Product #: 536310B
Part Key: 15