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Butt Fed Inner Magazine Tube

Butt Fed Inner Magazine Tube

By Numrich Gun Parts Corporation, Posted in Hunting, Shotgun
November 08, 2018

Imagine you just trekked through the woods on opening day, braved the cold and damp air and worked through the thick weeds and brush only to come home empty handed with wet feet and frost bitten finger tips. We have all been there, and usually just looking forward to the next time that you get to spend the morning in the solitude of the forest is enough to forget a disappointing hunt. Right? That is until you go to unload your trusted Mossberg rifle and find your inner magazine tube has somehow disappeared along with all of your ammunition.

Have you experienced this? You’re not alone. There are probably thousands of those magazine tubes littering forest floors across America. If not a Mossberg one then maybe it’s the Marlin 60 magazine tube  or its clone's the Glenfield 60's one, or any of a number of Winchester magazine tubes. Although, you may feel a little silly when it happens with one of those forward facing tubes that escaped without catching your attention. All it takes is a bump against a tree or a stray branch of Mountain Laurel to catch that little knurled knob just right. It likely slipped away at the least opportune moment when you were trying to avoid a patch of briar bushes, or making so much noise stomping through leaf litter that you didn’t even notice that brass tube slip from the butt of your gun.

Though you will probably curse the rifle for putting your future hunt plans on hold, it can’t be blamed on any one manufacturer, because whether your toting a Marlin, Mossberg, or a Winchester, it can happen to you. This is the downside of the magazine tube design. However, the bright spot of such a mishap is that you are in the right place, Numrich Gun Parts Corporation supplies a large variety of inner magazine tubes for many makes and models. So fret not, because we will help you get back into the woods in no time, and who knows? You may just stumble across your old tube and ammo while you’re out there.