Top 5 Handguns Most Suitable For Female Shooters

Top 5 Handguns Most Suitable For Female Shooters

If you're a woman planning to acquire a handgun, you may wonder which one is the most suitable for female shooters. Hands down, women are qualified to shoot the same guns as men. However, there are specific handgun models that female shooters tend to prefer. Based on the size and caliber, this article discusses the five most suitable handguns for female shooters.

Glock 19

GLOCK is the biggest name in the handgun industry. Whether you require a handgun for law enforcement or self-defense, GLOCK has you covered. GLOCK 19 is the most suitable handgun for female shooters and was introduced to the market by Austrian handgun manufacturers in 1988. The model is popular among female shooters because of its lightweight design. It is a toned-down version of the GLOCK 17. In addition, it is smaller and much easier to conceal. 

The total weight of a fully loaded GLOCK 19 gun is about 30 ounces. Its durability, accuracy, and versatility make it perfect for female shooters. Furthermore, the simple design of the weapon makes it easier to clean. It is designed to work in extreme temperatures. Several varieties of GLOCK handguns are available in every caliber and configuration. But G19 has a compact design that is preferable for concealed carry. This gives it an edge over other models.

Sig Sauer P365 – 9mm

Sig Sauer revolutionized the handgun industry by introducing a double-stack P365 9mm handgun. It boasts a small, sleek, and compact design that most female shooters love. Sig Sauer has launched several handguns that satisfy any concealed carry needs. From red dot affixed variants to XL, the P365 series never fails to satisfy your needs. It has dynamic ergonomics that work well for different hands and shooters. 

Sig Sauer P365 has a crisp breaking trigger and allows you to pack 10+1, 12+1, or 15+1 rounds in a compact pistol. It offers a perfect blend of concealment and capacity, thus making it a winner in the concealed carry world. All these features make Sig Sauer P365 shooters’ favorite concealed carry pistol.

HK VP9 – 9mm 

The Heckler & Koch VP 9 is a striker-fired pistol that is either chambered in 9mm or .40 SW. It features a magazine capacity of 10, 15, or 17 rounds and has different variants, including an optics-ready model. In addition, HK VP 9 offers easy-to-access controls. 

The versatility and ability of the HK VP9 make it a perfect firearm for female shooters. HK launches its models for accuracy, power, and durability after dully testing them. In addition, it has convenient customization options. All in all, it is the most preferred handgun for female shooters.

CZ 75 P-01 – 9mm

Of the many models, CZ P-01 is best for female shooters. It has a compact design chambered in 9mm. Although it was created for military use, its small stature makes it perfect for female shooters. In addition, the gun features an integral 1913 Picatinny rail which can be tweaked with accessories to give it a personalized touch.

Smith & Wesson Shield – 9mm

Smith & Wesson Shield is a go-to if GLOCK 19 is not your thing. It has a slim design that can be tucked easily into a belly band. It goes well with concealed outfits. It has easy-to-reach and reliable controls. Moreover, it is compact and lightweight.

These guns suit female shooters who prefer to conceal and carry their weapons. Therefore, women who purchase guns should be familiar with these top five handguns.