Enhance Your Shotgun Shooting Experience with These Accessories

Enhance Your Shotgun Shooting Experience with These Accessories

Every firearm has an untapped potential that can be unlocked with the right accessories. They can improve  your shooting experience by increasing the firearm’s efficiency.

Let’s take a look at the top three shotgun accessories that can enhance your shooting experience 

Slings - take the weight off your shoulders

The sling is one of the most necessary accessories for you as a shotgun owner. 

It secures your shotgun which increases your safety and the ones around you. In addition, anyone who has ever attempted to carry a shotgun for an extended time understands how the gun's weight can take a toll on your body, exhausting it in the process. A sling can help distribute the shotgun’s weight across your body more evenly. Lastly, a sling frees up your hands and makes hiking through the woods on a hunting adventure easier. 

Based on how you attach the sling, there are several options:  

  • Single-point slings
    Single-point slings offer the best accessibility and readiness. With a single-point sling the shotgun is always in front of you and can be reached right away.
  • Two-point slings
    Two-point slings offer a more secure and sturdy carrying option since they attach to both the forend and the buttstock. Compared to their single-point predecessors, they offer better weight distribution, stability and control. Some slings come with shotgun shell holders. 
  • Three-point slings
    Three-point slings have a special construction that attaches to the buttstock and forend, along with a third loop that wraps around the wearer's chest. The three-point slings combine the stability of a two-point sling with the agility of a single-point sling to provide the best of both worlds. They offer more carrying alternatives and can be rapidly modified to meet most of your requirements. 

Shotgun Sights - Make Every Shot Count

Sights help improve the accuracy of your shotgun. The majority of shotgun owners use iron sights. The most common ones are beads and open sights. They are relatively easy to use. For close-range shots, the ghost ring aka peep sights will perform well although they aren’t as fast as the bead sights.

Red dot sights are another option, but they are not necessary for shotguns. 

Whichever type of sight you decide on, ensure that you select the one that best fits your needs and tastes, as every shotgun sight has its own advantages. 

Recoil Pads - the Unsung Companion For Comfort

Last, but not least on our list of shotgun accessories are the recoil pads. They act as a shock absorber for your shoulder, softening the blow from the forceful recoil of the shotgun.  They lessen discomfort and tiredness by minimizing the perceived recoil, enabling you to fire for extended periods of time without experiencing the aftereffects of a heavyweight boxing bout.

In addition recoil pads can improve your accuracy while also safeguarding your shoulder from harm. You can control your shotgun more easily with less recoil, resulting in quicker and more accurate follow-up rounds, making it a win-win situation!

While these are the top three must-have shotgun accessories, don’t overlook these other important tools and gear for first-time buyers:

1. Gun Cleaning Kit 

Maintaining your shotgun is important for your safety and its performance and longevity. Keeping your shotgun clean of grease, residue, and grime will ensure optimal performance for a long time. 

We suggest purchasing a cleaning kit specific to  your shotgun. Once you have the kit, make it a habit to maintain and clean your shotgun on a regular basis.

2. Gun Case

A shotgun carry case protects your shotgun from scratches and damage during usage. Ensure that you purchase a case with high-density foam and durable exteriors, as they’re always durable and rigid for extended use. 

3. Ear & Eye Protection

You may not be aware, but a gunshot is louder than a jet engine. If you don't protect your ears, you can end up harming them irreparably. You can choose from a wide variety of ear muffs or ear buds, depending on the area of shooting and impact.

We also recommend you wear the proper protective eyewear when shooting. It helps protect your eyes from powder, small particles or dust residue that may occur after you fire a shot. Some eyewear can provide a higher contrast and thus a clear view of your target.

To sum it up, as powerful as your shotgun is, you can increase its efficiency with the use of accessories. They help you maximize its potential. Investing in these three accessories means you’re just a step away from making the most of your gun in no time. All the best!