5 Must-Have Gun Accessories For Every Gun Owner

5 Must-Have Gun Accessories For Every Gun Owner

Firearm enthusiasts love to improve, personalize, and bling up their guns with accessories. Gun accessories give an aesthetic touch and add more functionality to a personal defense, training, or target shooting weapon. Here are the five must-have gun accessories for every gun owner.


Firearms become a liability if you do not keep them safe and secure in a reliable way. In addition, a self-defense gun is no good if you have to search through your bag to find it. Therefore, as a general rule, a gun should be kept in a safe, yet easily accessible location. You cannot always keep your firearm in your hand or have it buried in your bag. 

Gun holsters allow you to keep both hands free while keeping the gun in a secure and accessible location. Several newer and adaptable holster models are available on the market, from unique and antique firearms to modern weapons. Moreover, you can also choose between new and used holsters in a variety of shapes, carry positions, and materials, including military canvas and leather holsters.


Due to their ability to increase the speed, accuracy, and versatility of any handgun, MRDS are considered one of the best gun accessories. Ultra-small, carry-sized dot sights are available even for the super slim micro compact carry pistols that are popular today. Almost all firearm manufacturers offer guns that are pre-milled and drilled to enable the mounting of MRDS optics. Enclosed-emitter models are the most exciting development in handgun red dot optics. 

The traditional open emitter designs are more exposed to elements and allow water, dirt, mud, snow, etc., to obscure the emitter or window. Thus, affecting their performance. On the other hand, enclosed emitter MRDS come with front and rear glass screens that keep the emitter free from debris or damage. Even if you get mud, snow, dirt, or other such elements on the lenses, they can be swiped off, and the optic will still be functional.


Every duty-sized handgun has options available for integral Picatinny rails or other suitable mounting points for lights, lasers, chainsaw attachments, and other accessories. A weapon-mounted light can prove extremely handy. 

Although handgun specific WMLs were previously relegated to military or police use, they are now becoming available for armed citizens at attractive prices.


Over time guns get filthy and require cleaning to perform better. However, you cannot always carry around bottles of powder solvent, copper remover, and cleaning rods. For convenience, consider buying one of the compact cleaning kits on the market. These cleaning kits include everything you need to keep your firearm working correctly.

Gun cleaning kits come in various sizes, applications, calibers, and prices. Some of the cleaning kits are designed by keeping in mind the military pros and therefore include all the necessities needed to maintain different types of weapons.


One of the primary concerns of people with GLOCK pistols is the lack of external thumb safety that prevents the trigger from firing a shot unintentionally. GLOCK guns have a safe action design that includes several internal drop-safety mechanisms. But you have a severe problem if something gets caught in the trigger guard while holstering. This is where the striker control device comes to the rescue. 
It has a hinged mechanism that allows you to prevent the striker from releasing unintentionally by replacing the OEM slide backplate on GLOCK pistols. When you put your thumb over the rear of the slide, it allows you to hold the striker forward. Thus, preventing it from moving rearward and releasing.

Modern gun accessories inarguably enhance the performance and functionality of your weapon. However, it is essential to remember that the items you choose should be as space and weight efficient as possible.