5 Must-Have Gun Cleaning Supplies That Will Keep Your Gun in Good Shape

5 Must-Have Gun Cleaning Supplies That Will Keep Your Gun in Good Shape

Guns are sophisticated weapons that are made of multiple interconnected moving parts. For successfully firing a shot, all these parts work in coherence. To prevent any safety hazard, guns require extra care and maintenance. Regular cleaning keeps the gun in good shape and prolongs its life. With the right tools and supplies, you can clean your gun effortlessly. Let us look at some gun cleaning tools and supplies that all gun owners should have.


A cleaning rod is a long stick used to clean the bore or the inside of the gun's barrel. Cleaning rods are usually made of soft materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber. The gun’s barrel is traditionally made of sturdier materials such as steel; hence cleaning rods do not scratch or cause any damage to the barrel. One end of the rod has a large handle which allows a firm grip on the rod, while the other end is equipped with threading where different cleaning accessories such as brushes, cotton patches, etc. can be attached. 

The rod length allows the cleaning accessories to scrub away the dirt or remove any object that may be stuck in the barrel. Move the rod with gentle to and from motions to prevent any damage. Even a minor dent on the barrel's crown can reduce the gun’s accuracy. 


A gun cleaning brush removes dirt, dust, and debris from different areas of the gun. If the gun is not cleaned periodically, the dust starts to accumulate and can interfere with the normal functioning of the firearm. Nylon brushes are solid yet flexible. Therefore, they are ideal for cleaning tough-to-reach spots such as gaps and tight areas around the gun and removing accumulated dirt and debris. 


Jags are small attachments. They keep the cleaning patches in place while the rod pushes to and from inside the bore. To fix the cleaning patch, create a hole in its middle with the help of the jag. The to and from motion of the rod will move the jag inside and allow the cleaning patch to collect dirt, grime, rust, and leftover lubricant or oil. 


Gun oil is a specially manufactured lubricant that serves multiple purposes. Due to its greasy and lubricating properties, it offers a preventive layer against certain atmospheric elements which can cause rust. Gun oil reduces friction and ensures the smooth movement of different moving parts of the gun. 

A good gun oil prevents the build-up of rust and removes different elements, such as lead and carbon, from the inside of the gun's bore. When applied correctly, it keeps the weapon shiny and protects it from harsh weather damage. In addition, gun oil forms an insoluble layer between water and the gun's surface, protecting it from water damage. 


Gun cleaning patches come in different sizes. They are made of soft, ultra-absorbent material and are used for cleaning other parts of the gun. These patches remove dirt, rust, leftover lubricant, carbon fouling, etc. In addition, these patches offer protection against corrosion and oxidation and keep the weapon in good shape. 

Correct and timely use of these gun cleaning supplies will keep your weapon in good shape, prolong its life, and prevent accidental firing. Therefore, we recommend you now stack up your gun cleaning kit with these tools.