Six Most Profitable Brands of Guns in The World Part 1

Six Most Profitable Brands of Guns in The World Part 1

The firearm industry is one of the most economically thriving businesses across the globe. This multi-million dollar industry contributes significantly to the U.S. economy and is responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs. In 2021, the firearm and ammunition industry’s contribution to the American economy was estimated at $70.52 billion. 

The popularity and craze for guns in the U.S. can be understood from the fact that the ratio of firearms to U.S. citizens is calculated at 120.5 firearms to 100 residents. There are hundreds of companies that are involved in the manufacture, sale, and other components of the gun supply chain. 

In this article, let us explore some of the most profitable gun manufacturing brands that have captured the lion’s share of the gun manufacturing industry.  


FN Herstal is a Belgian brand that manufactures rifles, handguns, machine guns, submachine guns, etc. FN Herstal has been in the business of gun manufacturing for the past two centuries. It was established in 1889 by Henry Pieper. Over the decades, it has maintained its popularity and it supplies ammunition to multiple militaries across the globe, especially in Europe. FN Herstal has a broad client base that spans over 100 countries. 

FN Herstal has a yearly revenue of $399.6 million. Some of the most notable models manufactured by FN Herstal are as follows: 

  • FN TPS
  • FN SLP
  • FN MAG
  • MK 48 machine gun
  • FN BRG-15
  • FN Tactical Sport Rifle
  • FN Special Police Rifle
  • Barracuda 
  • Double Action multi-caliber revolver
  • FN Ballista


Taurus International is a Brazilian firearm manufacturing conglomerate that has its manufacturing units located in both Brazil and USA. It is the largest South American firearms brand with annual revenue of $342.1 million. The company was set up in 1939.

In 1941, they launched their first weapon which was the 38101SO revolver. Taurus started its export of revolvers to the USA in 1953. Taurus has expanded its manufacturing base and it now manufactures steel-frame pistols, revolvers, rifles, polymer-frame pistols and submachine guns.  

The firearms manufactured by Taurus International are supplied to Brazilian civilians, military, and law enforcement bodies. They are also exported to multiple other militaries across the globe. Some of the most notable weapons manufactured by Taurus International are as follows: 


Heckler and Koch is a German brand that was founded in 1948 by Alex Seidel, Edmund Heckler, and Theodor Koch in 1948. It is one of the largest firearm manufacturing brands in Germany that has captured a considerable share of the firearm market in Germany, the United States, France, and the UK. The annual revenue of Heckler and Koch is estimated at $292.60 million, 

Innovation, durability, safety, and quality are reflected in the products manufactured by Heckler and Koch. They produce a wide range of weapons such as handguns, assault rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, and submachine guns. These guns are made for different purposes such as commercial use, law enforcement, military use, sporting industry, and self-defense. 

The headquarters of Heckler and Koch is located in Oberndorf, Germany, while multiple subsidiary operations are expanded in the United States, UK, and France. Some of the most notable Heckler and Koch guns are as follows: