7mm Magnum VS .270

7mm Magnum VS .270

For shooters and hunters alike, the debate between the 7mm magnum and .270 is longstanding. Both have effective cartridges and are versatile. However, hunters in the US consider both of these cartridges popular for centerfire rifles for many reasons. The features and capabilities of both cartridges may vary. Both cartridges represent different tasks and thinking. That is why 7mm magnum and .270 cartridges both have a loyal and dedicated following.


The quality of the 7mm bullets with a size .284” is highly valued. That is why many hand loaders can easily choose 7mm magnum as their favorite cartridge. You can find almost any premium bullet in the market, such as Nosler Partition, Nosler AccBond, or Hornady GMX with 7mm.

The case of the 7mm magnum is longer that is 835mm. The flatter trajectory is correspondent, while the bullet’s size enables the high velocity of the cartridge. The muzzle blast and the recoil are higher among cartridges with the same velocity. When partnered with a skilled shooter and a popular rifle such as the Remington 700, these high-velocity bullets can be very helpful in downing games like whitetail deer.

These high-quality bullets can solve various problems that we experience in other similar bullets, increasing 7mm magnum’s reputation. So if you are looking for a high-velocity type bullet, the 7mm magnum is your top choice.


When we compare 7mm magnum and .270, it would be hard to decide the winner as both are well-regarded due to their quality. However, many people believe that .270 has better accuracy than the 7mm magnum’s hunting cartridge. The reason behind the accuracy is lighter recoil. This helps when you have light and small rifles, such as the Winchester 70 Featherweight. Bullet performance is also well-received by experienced shooters. The diameter of this cartridge makes it a popular choice for many hunters.

7MM OR .270?

When you have the right placement of the shot and adequate bullet quality, the cartridges will work properly as the best medium for large hunting games. If you want a versatile cartridge, you can choose any of the above cartridges. Both the 7mm magnum and .270 Winchester are very effective and popular among hunters in North America. You can use both cartridges for white deer, black bear, and feral hogs.

However, if you want the most stopping power while hunting, then we believe that the 7mm magnum is the best choice. If you favor accuracy and lower recoil, you may prefer the .270 Winchester. You should remember that you can get .270 Winchester in smaller rifles, but the 7mm magnum is not suitable for small and lightweight rifles due to the recoil difference.