A Henry Rifle - It’s all in the Name

A Henry Rifle - It’s all in the Name

The Henry Repeating Arms Company builds some of the finest American made rifles available today. Founded in 1996, Henry is still a very young company in comparison to many other firearm manufacturers. Despite this short existence, their lever action rifles have already gained a reputation of quality and impeccable craftsmanship.

The company  has sold over 1 million of its signature .22 caliber Classic Golden Boy rifles and continues to offer a number of options for the lever action enthusiast in various calibers and sizes.

There is a special feeling that a shooter experiences, when firing a lever action rifle. It is about as close as a modern rifleman can realistically get to the pioneer days of our forefathers. The quick and easy, smooth and satisfying motion of the lever creates an almost euphoric experience reminiscent of the cowboys in the old Western films. Which is exactly why the name Henry was a perfect fit for a company specializing in building lever-action rifles.

The first Henry rifle, designed by the great Benjamin Tyler Henry way back in the 1860s, was a difference maker during the Civil War. The sturdy .44 Rimfire caliber, 16-shot, lever action rifle outgunned entire lines of soldiers armed with muzzleloaders. It was the gun that inspired the great Winchester lever actions that would later become a symbol of the Western Frontier. Although there is no direct association between the Henry Repeating Arms Company and Benjamin Tyler Henry, it is a terrific way for them to honor the name and legacy of this great inventor that helped perfect this great action.

The Henry Repeating Arms slogan states “Made in America or not made at all”. These words further define the company's commitment to maintaining the patriotic tradition of firearms and the spirit of freedom. We can only hope that the Henry name and all others like it, which strive to retain our rich American history, will continue to prosper and preserve our heritage for future generations.