Finding a Browning A5’s Value - A How-To

Finding a Browning A5’s Value - A How-To

Ever stop and ask yourself, “how much is this worth?” It’s a question that we ask ourselves time after time, whether we are shopping for cars, trying to get a good deal on a TV, or see a pistol that looks like a great deal.

If you have a Browning Automatic 5 or have interest in getting one, you have to ask yourself that same question - What’s the Browning A5’s value here?

From first-time buyers to seasoned dealers, the first thing anyone trying to find the Browning Automatic 5’s value should do is to evaluate the firearm’s condition. Look for scratches, wear and tear, and visible corrosion or rust.

The value of any firearm depends on its condition. The NRA condition standards rate firearms as New, Perfect, Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair. If you think that your Browning A5’s value will be consistent with an Excellent rating, then you better be prepared to see no noticeable wear from a firearm that was almost never used.

It would be more likely to see these popular shotguns in a range from Good to Fair - both rating provide safe working conditions with varying degrees of wear. Fair condition might mean that some replacement of minor parts could be necessary.

Once you have a fair evalution and understand of your Browning A5’s value, and have other important information such as the gauge and serial number, you can cross-check your estimate against a variety of resources and general market demand.

If you are looking to sell but want to potentially increase the Browning A5 values with a few repairs, browse the most popular pruchased parts by other Browning Automatic 5 owners.