Four Fun Things to Shoot At For Target Practice

Four Fun Things to Shoot At For Target Practice

Regular target shooting is an excellent way to hone your marksmanship skills. If you are a gun enthusiast, you would understand the importance of regular target shooting. Even the finest marksmen need regular practice sessions to be on top of their game. Regular target shooting allows you to maintain better control over the weapon, remain familiar with the hands-on gun safety techniques, sharpen your reflexes, establish muscle memory and the right instincts for shooting. 

Target shooting can also be an enjoyable family activity in which all members of the family can participate, depending upon their level of skill. To raise the excitement, you can use lots of fun things as practice targets. Admittedly, targets that make plinking sounds or explode instantly are a lot more fun to shoot at and can cause an instant adrenaline rush through your body. In this article, we will explore four fun things that can be used as targets.


Tin cans are readily available and can be found in every home. They are a cheap and safe way to practice some target shooting. When the bullet hits the can, it makes a plinking noise that our brains register as a notification of an accomplished mission. The momentum of the bullet causes the cans to fly off which can add to the satisfaction and thrill of the shooter. 

Tin cans can be used as versatile targets. You can arrange them in the form of a pyramid and start shooting from the top, or you can arrange them in a straight line and shoot each can one by one. This practice will allow you to hone your aim and improve your shooting speed. 


Balloons are fun and inexpensive targets that are readily available as well. Balloons can be used as portable and unpredictable targets since they are light and can be easily carried away with the air. To make the session more challenging, you can draw marks on the balloons and aim to shoot at those marks.

Shooting at colorful balloons can be particularly fun for kids. To make the shooting easier for kids, tie the balloons to the branch of a tree. Use a portable air pump to fill up the balloons. It would save you a lot of time. 


Rotten fruits usually end up in the garbage. However, they can serve as an inexpensive and fun target for shooting practice. When the bullet hits the fruits, they make quite a display which gives a sense of excitement and achievement to the shooter. Most fruits burst open and splatter in different directions. 

Fruits are biodegradable so not much cleaning is required afterward. However, in the case of tins and cans, one must always clean the shooting range. 


Bowling pins are usually made of hard rock maple wood. They are quite sturdy and are made to withstand a lot of force and impact. Bowling pins are an interesting choice for shooting targets. You can make a challenging game by arranging the pins in a line and shooting them one by one. 

Numrich Gun Parts offers bowling pins for target practice. If you are bored of regular old targets for shooting practice then buy some of our used, but in good condition bowling pins. Not only are they fun to shoot out, but can be difficult depending on what you are aiming for. So grab some used target pins and become a better shot!